Controlled production process

Production at Tomassen Duck-To is a fully-integrated process. This ensures every link in the production chain – from feed to the end product – is well-managed and quality strictly monitored.

Our production process from start to finish:

1. Fertilised eggs

Fertilised eggs go to our own hatchery, near the slaughterhouse. The eggs are placed in advanced incubators, kept in controlled conditions, and monitored around the clock. After 28 days, the eggs come out and healthy ducklings are born.

2. Healthy ducks

After hatching, the chicks are transported to specialised breeding farms where hygiene and animal welfare are paramount. The ducks live on a straw bed, and with only 6 or 7 animals per square metre there’s plenty of room to grow. The ducks are fed with a specially-developed, natural diet, free of antibiotics and growth boosters. Chicks grow to an estimated live weight of 3.2kg within 6-7 weeks.

3. The slaughterhouse

Ducks are delivered to the slaughterhouse in Ermelo using our own transport. The fully-trained slaughterhouse staff process millions of ducks per year using machines from a wide range of quality products for duck processing. Quality and food safety are a top priority for permanent Dutch veterinary (NVWA) monitoring.

4. Bangkok Ranch

Bangkok Ranch in Thailand has its own cooking facility, where 25% of all BR-Group production is prepared for export to Europe. Many useful concepts find their way to European customers in a variety of markets. The most popular product is the Dalee brand’s boneless roast duck.

5. Logistics

Tomassen is equipped to meet all your transport needs with its extensive logistics service, including eggs and poultry. Our temperature-controlled vehicles deliver Tomassen Duck-To products to various European customers, while our logistics partners serve our international customers.