Highest-quality duck

At Tomassen Duck-To, we produce high quality Peking ducks on a daily basis. Taste, colour, and meat structure are part of our focus, and our ducks are free of blemishes and residual hair. This is due to stringent standards in production technology, close management of the entire integrated production chain, and well-trained employees. We also strive for continuous improvement in the areas of food safety and hygiene

Raised in a spacious hatchery by passionate farmers

The market leader for quality, appearance, taste, and fat percentage

Sustainable through waste prevention and residual processing

100% Dutch product

Constant access to grain-based food and water

Free from antibiotics and other medications

Entire chain managed in-house

Quality marks


Tomassen Duck-To has worked in accordance with a HACCP food safety system for years in order to meet stringent BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Safety) requirements. Representatives of the NVWA routinely check the system’s content, including its day-to-day compliance.

Tomassen Duck-To BV also supplies Halal Peking duck. Our Halal duck is certified by Halal Quality Control. This independent organisation ensures that ducks are slaughtered in line with current guidelines on Halal slaughtering. Our clients receive an Halal certificate with each batch of Halal duck bought

Health, Welfare, and Sustainability

Optimal health is in the interests of both the animals and human consumers. Our Duck-To Peking ducks are raised using sustainable methods, without beak treatment. All our employees are trained in food safety and animal welfare, guaranteeing consistent quality.

No medications

The animals have a relatively large space: 5-7 ducks per square metre. They live on daily fresh straw and always have access to fresh water and GMP+ certified feed. This consists largely of grain and vegetables, and is free of antibiotics and other medications. Due to the expert care of passionate duck farmers, disease rarely occurs and the use of medication is nonexistent.

Reuse of straw

The straw we use comes from neighbouring Flevopolder. After cleaning the stables, the straw is mixed with manure to make a natural soil enhancer.

Healthy meat

To guarantee the security of the food chain, the Dutch poultry sector is subject to close supervision. No duck leaves the slaughterhouse without an independent, physical check by a representative of the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority). With a duck from Duck-To, you’re sure to put a healthy piece of meat up for inspection.