Asian wholesalers

BR-Tomassen is part of the BR-Group (Bangkok Ranch), an important player in the Asian high-consumption market with worldwide name recognition.

Many loyal customers

Quality, reliability, mutual respect, and a sense of tradition are central to our 2,300 BR-Group employees in maintaining long-term relationships with a large group of valued customers

Increased demand for convenience products

The high-consumption market is changing rapidly, with traditional products losing popularity while demand for convenience products soars. At the same time, customers still want authenticity. Our range meets the needs of all our customers, whatever they’re looking for. Do you need a specific product? We’re happy to help! All our products from Thailand are Halal-certified. The Tomassen Duck-To slaughterhouse is also Halal-certified for slaughter and delivery of products to customers in the Middle East.

Gastronomy and food service

Gastronomy is all about the experience, and the culinary pampering of guests. Chefs everywhere are discovering the flavour and tenderness of duck meat, with many excellent restaurants adding duck dishes to their menu. In short, there are more and more duck lovers!

Another trend sees more and more restaurants using our wide range of convenience food, which aligns perfectly with guests’ culinary expectations as well as helping to control meal prep costs in (large) kitchens. Ask your Fresh partner for our brochure. These products can also be found in cash & carry stores.

Modern consumers are also increasingly looking for affordable products to be prepared at home. BR-Group has responded to this with a variety of sophisticated concepts, such as our Canature products. Looking for advice? We’re happy to help you translate your needs and those of your target group into the right concept.

High-margin duck products for the retail market

With smaller families and single-person households considered big “drivers”, modern consumers in supermarkets are increasingly looking for convenience products to prepare at home.

BR-Group/Tomassen anticipated this trend with the introduction of high-margin convenience products. These products have good nutritional value and are quickly and easily prepared using a microwave or oven. A delicious, varied, duck meal in no time!

Over the next few years our focus will be on our Canature brand, as well as various private labels in the healthy growth market.